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The Lion of Babylon, large and splendidly carved in basalt, reminds us again that the lion was the symbol of the goddess Ishtar. In the sculpture, the lion's back has marks indicating that it was meant for a precious saddle upon which the goddess Ishtar would stand. Lion of Babylon
SGCo is a well established company that is fully registered with the Iraqi MOT and has been in business for over 22 years. We have completed projects for the Iraqi Government, USACE, MNSTCI-I, PCO and JCCI/A. We are an experienced team strengthened by our strong local presence in Iraq Bringing extensive capabilities and experience in a broad range of engineering, construction and facility maintenance activities.
SGCo have completed over 70 projects successfully to the complete satisfaction of our customers in Iraq. We are confident that we can use similar techniques and procedures to fully mobilize the resources required to meet any schedule and performance. Our main headquarters is in the International Zone, Baghdad and most of our expertise and resources can be quickly provided to support the mobilization and operation. Some of our actives are below:Lion of Babylon

  • Construction
  • Electrical and Power Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Water, Waste, Sanitary and Sewage
  • Heavy Equipment and Transportation
  • T-Wall’s
Green Zone - Baghdad / Iraq
Call +_964.07901109502
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